The Yokoyama Hyogu Shop specializes in repair and restoration of hanging scrolls, folding screens and framed pictures. We are experts at cleaning, wrinkle and crack repairing, re-framing and mounting. kakejiku byoubu

Yokoyama Hyogu Shop

Screen and picture fixing and restoration

Here is an example of our repair and restoration.

Door repair [torn]

Door repair [torn] Door repair [torn]

The writing which covered the sliding door was severely damaged. We repaired the tear and reattached it to the sliding door.

Art repair [discolored]

Art repair [discolored] Art repair [discolored]

We restored the picture that had turned brown all over.
By removing the discoloration, the original color was revived, and we are able to see the fine touch of the brush.

Picture repair [torn]

Picture repair [torn] Picture repair [torn]

The torn places were repaired in such a way that they would not be noticeable.
Also we removed stains from the discolored parts.