The Yokoyama Hyogu Shop specializes in repair and restoration of hanging scrolls, folding screens and framed pictures. We are experts at cleaning, wrinkle and crack repairing, re-framing and mounting. kakejiku byoubu

Yokoyama Hyogu Shop

Attentive handicraft and attention to detail.

We clean stains and dirt, and repair breaks and tears on various kinds of art pieces such as hanging scrolls, framed pictures, and folding screens.
Did you know your art treasures or art work can be restored, even those you thought were permanently damaged?
Please do not give up hope. Trust us to repair your art work.
We will restore them with experienced expert craftsmanship.
Please consult us as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact us.

Hanging scroll, home Buddhist altars, altar fittings and fabrics washing and repair. Repair of Fusuma and Shoji.
Yokoyama Hyogu Shop
2-4-22,Miyabara,Nagaoka City,Niigata Pref, 940-0083 ,Japan

Warning regarding ivories
The export of ivories and hawksbill turtle shells from Japan is prohibited in principle under CITES and the Japanese law.